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MANUAL FABRICATION OF SAELA BEER COSMETICS originates from a long tradition of Czech brewing which is thanks to its qualities appreciated as world best.

Beer is a unique source of group B vitamins, trace elements and minerals which considerably help skin recovery and increase its resistance to negative outside environment influences. Hops purify, smooth and soften skin.

SAELA BEER COSMETICS is hand-made and contains a great deal of original Czech beer, brewer’s yeast or hops extract. Products do not contain any synthetic colours. SAELA BEER COSMETICS makes use of positive beer effects on skin. Brewer’s yeast and hop extracts have excellent moisturizing, antiseptic, slightly healing and anti-inflammatory effects. Hops have purifying and smoothing effects and calm ill-conditioned skin.
Vitamins contained in beer are usable for skin disorders prevention and support skin recovery.

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is based on many years' tradition of Czech brewery. Beer is a source of B-vitamins, trace elements and minerals that support the skin regeneration significantly. Hop cleans, calms and softens skin.

SAELA Beer Cosmetics is handmade and it contains plenty of pure Czech beer, hop extract, and brewer's yeast. The products do not contain any synthetic colours.

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