ORIGINAL BEER SHOWER GELwith high content of beer, vitamin B and glycerine is suitable for everyday use. It’s especially suitable for dry skin which tends to flake off, crack and itch. It supports total organism regeneration. Original beer shower gel gives your body a sense of of relaxation and well-being.

Characteristics and advantages of ORIGINAL beer shower gel

  • it contains large amounts of beer, vitamins and glycerine
  • it will not dry your skin, and it prevents flaking, cracking and itching.
  • it regenerates an organism and brings a sense of well-being to the body along with the feeling of relaxation.
  • original beer shower gelis suitable for everyday use

611,26 Kč
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is based on many years' tradition of Czech brewery. Beer is a source of B-vitamins, trace elements and minerals that support the skin regeneration significantly. Hop cleans, calms and softens skin.

SAELA Beer Cosmetics is handmade and it contains plenty of pure Czech beer, hop extract, and brewer's yeast. The products do not contain any synthetic colours.

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